The Rules at Bowwow Beach were developed for the safety of both dogs and people – and to make sure everyone has fun while at the park

Rules for Bowwow Beach include:

  1. Dogs should be leashed prior to and leaving the dog park area.
  2. Quickly clean up after dog, and dispose of the waste.
  3. No animals other than dogs are permitted in the fenced-in area.
  4. Owners must carry a leash and monitor their dog’s behavior at all times.
  5. Owners are responsible and liable for their dogs and children.
  6. Leaving dogs unattended is prohibited.
  7. Limit of three dogs per person.
  8. Dogs must wear a collar with identification at all times.
  9. No choke or pinch collars allowed in the park.
  10. All dogs must have current licenses and be current on immunizations and shots including rabies, distemper and parvovirus
  11. Puppies under four months of age are prohibited.
  12. Problem or aggressive dogs must be immediately leashed and removed from the park.
  13. Leave unhealthy dogs or dogs in heat at home.
  14. Dogs with known history of dangerous behavior are prohibited per City Ordinance 505.16.
  15. No food within the fenced area.
  16. Keep park gates closed at all times.
  17. Park visitors use the park at their own risk.
  18. The facility will be closed when the lake is in the freezing process or frozen.
  19. Park hours are 8am to dusk. The gates will be locked at dusk and unlocked at 8am the following morning.
  20. Please abide by posted signage in the park concerning designated areas for large and small dogs. Small dogs are 35 lbs. and under.

For additional information about Bow Wow Beach, contact the Stow Parks and Recreation Department at 330.689.5100.